The 9th Annual AHS Student Leadership Conference

We had a great time this last June at our Annual Student Leadership Conference where chapter leaders from all over the country come together in Washington, D.C. to discuss chapter effectiveness, foreign policy and national security issues, and career development. Awards were given to the following chapters:

Chapter of the Year: The Ohio State University

Best New Chapter: Boston College

Most Improved Chapter: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Advisor of the Year: Dr. Peter Mansoor, Ohio State University

Congratulations on a great year!

This year's panels consisted of some great speakers who are also strong supporters of the Hamilton Society such as our co-founder and the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Roy Katzovicz. Other members of our Advisory Board who spoke with the chapter officers were Roger Zakheim from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Ambassador Kristen Silverberg from the Institute of International Finance.

In addition, we were joined by many great panelists throughout the weekend such as The Honorable Jim Talent from the American Enterprise Institute and Walter Russell Mead from the Hudson Institute.

This year, in addition to the reception and panel discussions, we also took the chapter officers on a special trip to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Dulles, Virginia.