National Programs


Student Leadership Conference

Held each June in Washington, D.C., the four-day Student Leadership Conference (SLC) equips our student leaders both intellectually and practically to run a successful program on campus. More than merely informational, the SLC allows students to engage with scholars in foreign policy and national security through expert panels, chapter training, professional development, and networking opportunities.


Hamilton National Institute

The Hamilton National Institute (HNI) gathers a small number of elite students in Washington, D.C. for a one-week seminar. With two classroom sessions per day led by a master teacher and supplemented by guest speakers, the HNI educates students in the fundamentals and the foundational framework of Hamiltonian studies. In addition, students participate in a crisis simulation based on real-world events.


Reagan National Defense Forum

In an exclusive partnership with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, AHS sponsors a delegation of chapter officers to attend the Reagan National Defense Forum (RNDF), the nation’s premier gathering of defense professionals, held at the Reagan Presidential Library in California. This is a unique opportunity for Hamilton students to network and hear from senior defense officials.


Summer Fellows

The Summer Fellows Program provides grants to AHS students pursuing unpaid internships in Washington, D.C. in foreign policy, national security, and economic statecraft. The competitive fellowship underwrites and encourages students to pursue their professional interests in line with our mission and goals. A status signal for potential employers, it helps students both procure and accept internships, thus ultimately increasing their chances of securing long-term employment after graduation.


Summer Series

The Summer Series provides professional growth and networking opportunities for rising chapter officers who intern in D.C. every summer. The series includes networking happy hours, dinners with senior scholars and policymakers, opportunities to meet with distinguished Hamilton alumni at their place of work, and a staff ride to the Gettysburg battlefield, among other events.


Virtual Seminar

The Virtual Seminar consists of six sessions per academic year examining the major historical ideas and events out of which today’s international order was born, including the Peace of Westphalia, Congress of Vienna, and Versailles, among others. It helps our students develop a historical perspective on contemporary international affairs, providing them with an appreciation of what American leadership has achieved and why it’s important to protect it. The virtual seminar is open to all chapter officers.


Security and Strategy Seminar

The Security and Strategy Seminar (SSS) is a year-long fellowship for mid-level foreign policy and national security professionals. Comprised of 15 evening sessions taught by the foremost scholars and practitioners in the field, the SSS allows fellows to gain a deeper understanding of the present challenges America faces in its dealings with adversaries through an extended inquiry into the roots of the relationships.