Wrapping up our Summer Series!

In addition to our Annual Student Leadership Conference, AHS held a number of events this summer for the chapter officers who were in Washington, D.C and for our young professional network and AHS alumni. 

We kicked off the summer with a happy hour at James Hoban's Irish Pub in Dupont Circle where our current chapter officers were able to meet and hear the career paths of a number of our AHS alumni working in D.C.

After the Fourth of July holiday, we co-sponsored a private dinner with the Hertog War Studies and the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments featuring our special guest, Dr. Thomas Wright who discussed his newest book "All Measures Short of War". This was a great discussion filled with impressive questions from our chapter officers on America's use of power in the international realm. 

At the end of July we took a select number of chapter officers and alumni on a staff ride to the Gettysburg Battlefield to discuss leadership, strategy and decision-making. Participants took on the roles of the main leaders who were at the Battle of Gettysburg and provided context for the decisions they made and the strategic significance those decisions had on the outcome of the battle. 


We ended the summer programming with a movie night featuring the documentary "Zero Days" which delves into the risks of cyber warfare. Chapter officers were exposed to some of the grim details of the joint operations focused on destroying Iranian centrifuges with complex computer viruses.

As the summer comes to an end, AHS wants to thank all of those who attended and helped set up the summer series. We look forward to seeing what the chapters accomplish for the 2017-2018 school year and hope to see you all again next summer!