University Chapters

Our student-led, faculty-advised campus chapters serve as the national foundation of our programming. Our chapters host debates between our speakers, who are some of our nation’s most distinguished scholars and practitioners, and local professors on major ideas and current events in foreign policy, national security, and economic statecraft. The debates serve as a backbone of programming around which chapters also hold frequent discussion groups on relevant policy topics. Students often leverage their interaction with our speakers — enhanced by pairing the existing public debate with an exclusive dinner for chapter officers with the speaker — into internships and even jobs. Our chapters actively compete with each other for our annual awards presented in Washington, D.C., encouraging a healthy camaraderie that enlivens our campus programming.

Serving as an AHS chapter officer helps students gain valuable leadership skills and acts as a status symbol for future employers. On every campus, AHS seeks to engage and enrich the education of all students, promoting debate where there often isn’t any.

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 Professional Chapters

By connecting rising leaders to an established generation for intellectual and professional pursuits, our professional chapters build the bench of talented people looking to serve the country over the course of their lives and careers. Our chapters in New York City and Washington, D.C., provide opportunities for professional development, networking, and exposure to foreign and defense policy leaders for alumni and members. Our chapters regularly host senior U.S. policy officials, Hamilton authors on their new books, and experts on critical topics to discuss current challenges facing the United States.

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